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About the Project:

This website is dedicated to enhancing the hobby of Rock Hounding by offering maps of various collecting locations around the United States and Canada.  The maps are zoomable and scrollable showing cities, towns, roads and aerial photography. Maps are constructed using the Google Maps API and when available, contain links to the locations that can be opened in Google Earth.  Also featured on this website are videos related to rocks and rockhounding as well as reviews of rockhounding locations and rock shops we have visited and information on Do It Yourself Lapidary equipment.  I encourage you to drop by the Rock Picks Forum and say hello. 

I decided to undertake this project after browsing the web for rockhounding locations and found that one of the most common questions asked in the rockhounding message forums was, "Where are good places to rockhound in my area?".  I thought, what better way to answer this question than to create a centralized location on the web to collect and make available, maps to rockhounding locations by state or province across the United States and Canada. 

If you decide to visit any of the locations listed within this website, please follow the Rockhound's Code of Ethics at all times.  Help us to ensure that these locations remain open to the amateur rockhound and a pleasure to visit.  Please note that while these maps do pinpoint a location, they are not specifically an "X" marks the spot treasure map.  They are mainly to direct you to a area where a little further exploration should prove fruitful in your search for geological treasures.  These resources are not limitless so be frugal and take only what you need.  Remember that just as you came, others will follow.  There is no "manifest destiny" in rockhounding and just as we have been allowed the privilege to collect, these privileges can and will be taken away if areas become overburdened or ecologically damaged.  Take pride in being a rockhound and act more as a custodian than an exploiter. 

The Rock Picks Project is still in its infancy and constantly evolving so please check back often to see the changes.  Base Maps for United States and Canada are now online and ready to be populated with good locations. 

Using the Maps:

Use the Map, Satellite and Hybrid buttons on the map to change to map style.

  • Map - Only Roads
  • Satellite - Only Aerial Photo
  • Hybrid - Roads overlaid on Aerial Photo
  • Terrain - Shows shaded color TOPO Map

The + and - buttons change the level of zoom in the map.

  • Plus(+) - Zoom IN
  • Minus(-) - Zoom OUT

The Arrow Buttons scroll the map in the direction of the arrow.

You can also scroll by left clicking and dragging the map.

Double Click on any part of the map to center the map on that spot. 

Click on the markers to pop up an info window for that location or Click the location link in the Map Index sidebar to the right of the map.   Finding a after the location name in the pop up info window designates the site as one that I have personally visited and verified. 

If a KMZ file is available for that particular site, click the link in the info window and open the file.  It will display the location in Google Earth. 

Google Earth may be downloaded and installed from .

Contribution Information:

This project can only grow with your support.  If you would like to see your favorite rockhounding locations added to this project, have a request for a particular location to be researched and added or just have a comment or suggestion to make the site better, please use the Rock Tips link located in the Site Navigation buttons or contact me directly at Rock Picks Mail.  Please include a full description of the location including what can be found there and if available, GPS coordinates along with your name so credit for the contribution can be noted.

The easiest way to contribute and possibly the most fun is to find a location that you have just visited or know well in Google Earth.  Once located, click on the yellow pushpin icon in the menu bar to add a placemark on the map.  Make sure to zoom in close enough to easily identify the location accurately.  Once done, right click the pushpin icon on the map and select Save As.  Leave the file type as KMZ and save the file.  Attach the file created into an e-mail with a full description of the location represented and send it to me at the Rock Picks Mail link listed in the paragraph above. 

If your organization or club would like to participate in the project, please send me information about yourselves and I will put a link to your organization in our list of contributors. 

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Powered by WebRing.


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This Project began in July of 2007 and to date has had visitors.

Disclaimer:  The use of any data provided on this website will be done so "At your own Risk".  All information is for Personal Use only.  To the best of our knowledge, all locations listed are on Public Lands and open to casual rockhounding unless otherwise noted but this status has been known to change without warning.  We have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the information provide but as always, there are no guarantees.   Please respect any Private Claims and/or Property which may be in the vicinity of various locations.  If the location is on known private property, this will be duly noted with contact information for the property owner provided.  If you believe any data is in error, please contact the Webmaster.

This site was last updated 06/23/08

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